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From A Room: Volume 1 by Chris Stapleton


Them Stems

Chris Stapleton

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Label: Mercury Nashville
Hirsute songster Stapleton follows up 2015’s surprise blockbuster Traveler sounding world-weary. He hopes the preacher doesn’t visit his cell in “Death Row”; hopes his dealer didn’t get busted in “Them Stems”; ponders how his drunken past as “the Picasso of painting the town” makes his better half not trust him in the waltzing “Up to No Good Livin”; laments the unfortunate timing of her departure in an update of Willie Nelson’s “Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning”. He choogles most of it as gruff, sepia-toned blues-country, with real-life better half Morgane Stapleton chiming in occasionally to add tension.

About This Album


About This Album