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VIVES by Carlos Vives



Carlos Vives

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Label: Sony Music Latin
After three decades recording, the Colombian cumbia and vallenato veteran wound up with his biggest global hit yet in 2016’s two-wheeled, Latin Grammy-accumulating Shakira duet “La Bicecleta.” So it only made sense to build an album around it, one that’s most engaging when it’s most percussive: Motown-basslined, “Tequila”-horned opener “Hoy Tengo Tiempo” and jauntily accordioned hit-in-Spain followup single “Al Filo de Tu Amor,” for instance. A few songs start out slow – even, in “Nuestro Secreto,” mysteriously dark – but inevitably speed up impatiently before long. And by the end, Vives is banking on lightning striking again via collaborations with Mexican superstar Thalia (“Todo me Gusta”) and Colombian singer-rapper Cynthia Montaño (“Los Niños Olvidados”), then closing with chattery party choruses in apparent kiddie tune “Monsieur Bigoté” and apparent post-earthquake solidarity cheer “Todos Somos México.”

About This Album


About This Album