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The Devil Don't Sleep by Brantley Gilbert


Smokin' Gun

Brantley Gilbert

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Label: The Valory Music Co., LLC
Best thing on this reliable country hitmaker’s fourth album is the Southern rock guitars throughout, starting with blatant blues chords kicking off opener “Rockin’ Chairs.” There’s also a running wee-hours theme, hence the album’s title, a cellphone ringing at 2 a.m. in “Smokin’ Gun,” two hours later than that in “Tried to Tell Ya,” and the sun coming up in “In My Head.” But across the board, all indications are that this now consistently platinum-selling Georgian bro’s music is still tires-deep in a brand of honky-tonk-fonkin’ boogie built sturdy for off-road vehicles, whether it gets him dirty or not.

About This Album


About This Album