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Imani Vol. 1 by Blackalicious




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Label: Black Mines
On Blackalicious’ first album in 10 years, the duo contemplates the passage of time. “You’ll never relive yesterday/You can’t rewind this tape,” raps Gift of Gab in an autumnal tone. Chief Xcel updates the group’s sound with Bay Area boogie-funk, including “Inspired By” and its talk-box chorus from Bosko, and chopped beat loops on the cipher session “Alpha and Omega,” where Lyrics Born calls himself “the rap Kurt Vonnegut.” Blackalicious’ conscious rap may be out of vogue in 2015, but they’ve persevered. As Gab puts it on “The Blowup,” “If you ain’t about this lyricism, homie, kick rocks.”

About This Album


About This Album