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Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace by Big & Rich



Big & Rich

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Label: Warner Records/Nashville
The best U.I.M. (unintentionally ironic moment) on Big & Rich's third album could be when Wyclef Jean joins the duo on the catchy "Please Man." With Jean's help, the song out-Cowboy-Troys Cowboy Troy by blending country with rap while exuding a plea for unity between white people and non-Caucasians. Their countrified version of AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" is almost as funny as the line on "When The Devil Gets The Best Of Me" that goes "Sometimes women are like cocaine/ Got to have more and more every day." Irony aside, "Radio" is a catchy ditty with flowing harmonies and a triumphant chorus.

About This Album


About This Album