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Fontanelle by Babes in Toyland



Babes in Toyland

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Label: Reprise
Riot grrrls were not just born out of the Pacific Northwest. These Midwestern Babes spewed their vitriol via incendiary guitar rock and lyrics as blistering as, say, "You f*ckin' b*tch, well I hope your insides rot!" (on "Bruise Violet," a song allegedly about lead singer Kat Bjelland's ex-bandmate Courtney Love). Babes in Toyland sacrificed nothing for their 1992 major label debut: Bjelland's vocals (which go from baby-doll purr to mirror-shattering scream within seconds), alongside the band's mix of agitated punk and swampy grunge-metal, have the power to make even the baddest boys cower.

About This Album


About This Album