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Mr. Wonderful by Action Bronson


Easy Rider

Action Bronson

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Label: Vice Records/Atlantic
What's Action Bronson's motto? "Smoke good, f*ck, eat, drink, drive nice car, wear all green mink," he raps on "Terry." He blends vintage thug rap with the absurdist tone of Internet culture, and he tries hard to translate his zany YouTube clips to his major label debut. There are flashes of boogie rock ("City Boy Blues" and "Easy Rider"), a banging loop of AOR guitar on "Only in America," and the verbal darts he issues in a grainy, inflexible Queens drawl. "Don't try to put me in a box like a tissue," he raps on "Falconry." Mr. Wonderful doesn't hang together that well, but it's kinda fun.

About This Album


About This Album