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How do I download my MP3s? Where do my songs go?

How do I download my MP3s? Where do my songs go?

When you purchase MP3s in the Rhapsody MP3 Store, they are downloaded automatically in a .zip file. The .zip file will be saved to your computer's default download location (frequently your desktop).

Can't find your downloads?

  1. On your computer, search for RhapsodyMP3*.zip. (The zip file is called RhapsodyMP3, followed by the current date. )

  2. Search finds your RhapsodyMP3 folder, double-click to open it.

  3. Extract the files to the folder of your choice. Windows users may want to extract to “My Music.” Mac users can extract to their “Music” folder.

For step-by-step, illustrated instructions, visit our Buying and Downloading Rhapsody MP3s Help section.

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