Napster App for
Rhapsody International Inc.


Give your customers 2 months of unlimited music free

Program benefits

  • Earn money by giving your customers 2 months of free music with the purchase of your product and get paid for every paying subscriber.

  • Add value bundling 2 months of Napster Premier free with your product at retail. We provide you with a unique URL for your customers to sign up with.

  • Amp up your marketing with creative assets, such as stickers or inserts that you can customize. Simply print and distribute through your marketing channels to promote the offer.

  • Receive dedicated reports and payment information sent to you monthly.

How it works

  1. Submit your application to become a Napster partner

  2. Once approved, you’ll get access to marketing assets and information to get started

  3. Receive revenue share for each paying subscriber

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