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Working-Class Heroes

by Linda Ryan

Working-Class Heroes

About this playlist

Ah, Labor Day. A three-day weekend celebrating ... what? That unions aren't dead? That high unemployment rates have leveled off? That summer is officially over? That football season has officially begun? This year's holiday suggests all of these, but the truth is that most people are happy to simply have the day off.

How they choose to spend their time off is as varied as Forrest Gump's box of chocolates. Depending on your age -- or how crazy you are -- spending time with family is either at the top or the bottom of your list. Going to the movies is a popular option, as are pool parties, camping trips and barbecues. We have the perfect soundtrack for all of these things. Well, maybe not for the movies. They have their own soundtrack. But we're pretty sure ours is better.

The trick to a good Labor Day playlist is that first and foremost, it has to rock, full of kick-ass songs you're unembarrassed to crank up to 11! That these songs also honor America's workers is a serendipitous slice of right-on-ness. We've included tunes about both specific jobs and working in general -- working for the weekend, working for a living, the finest worksong, etc. You get the idea.

So pack up your white shoes and seersucker -- you probably shouldn't be wearing that stuff now. However you choose to spend them, relax and enjoy your last days of summer as you usher in fall with our Working-Class Heroes playlist.

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