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Women in Regional Mexican

by Rachel Devitt

Women in Regional Mexican

About this playlist

Have a look at the artists on the regional charts, check out a norteño concert poster or, heck, even just think of an artist in banda, duranguense, grupera, ranchera, etc. Chances are, the image you're confronted with is of a dude, probably wearing a cowboy hat and most likely coming at ya with a good deal of machismo swagger. For a host of complex reasons, regional Mexican is, for the most part, a boys club. But that doesn't mean there are NO girls allowed. And the women who do manage to fight their way in the door can throw down with the best of the boys, matching (or usually outmatching) them snarl for snarl, ay-ay-ay for ay-ay-ay and, especially, swagger for swagger. Take the fierce, charismatic force of nature that was the late, great Jenni Rivera. Or genre-jumping "Jefa" Alicia Villarreal. Or the formidable Paquita La Del Barrio, a grande dame of ranchera who has just released her umpteenth album of powerhouse, scrub-busting, feminist anthems. Listen up!

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