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Label Spotlight

Wind-up Records' 15th Anniversary

by Linda Ryan

Wind-up Records' 15th Anniversary

About this playlist

Alan and Diana Meltzer formed New York-based Wind-up Records in 1997, shortly after purchasing indie label Grass Records. The label made its mark with the singing of the rock band Creed, whose debut album, My Own Prison, spawned four No. 1 radio hits, which propelled the debut to multiplatinum status.

The company continued to grow by signing bands that thrived in the post-grunge-meets-hard-rock sweet spot, widening the appeal of alternative rock to a larger, enthusiastic audience in doing so. Wind-up hit its stride in 2003 with the release of Evanescence's Fallen, which featured the hits "Bring Me to Life" and "My Immortal."

Fifteen years on, Wind-up Records continues to be one of the largest independently owned record labels and is home to numerous multiplatinum and gold artists including Seether, Finger Eleven, Filter and The Darkness. Wind-up has built a diverse roster of award-winning and newer artists, including O.A.R., James Durbin, Five for Fighting and Jillette Johnson, as well as developing rock bands Young Guns and Aranda and alternative rock bands Civil Twilight, The Virginmarys, Company of Thieves, The Griswolds and Strange Talk.

Wind-up umbrellas several other entities including Wind-up Publishing, Rewind Studios, a touring division, a television corporation and a management company. Here, listen to a handful of the highlights Wind-up has given music fans in the label's 15 years. Here's to many, many more!

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