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Weird Napster: Gettin' Weirder with New Age

by Mike McGuirk

Weird Napster: Gettin' Weirder with New Age

About this playlist

Solfeggio tones were used by Gregorian monks to restore DNA back when nobody even knew DNA existed. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) makes your brain tingle, and there are hundreds of bizarre videos on YouTube trying to make you feel it. Weirdo flautist TopWaya communicates with wolves! And the Brainwave Mind Voyage trance-induction piece will either help with your transformation into a snake-man or maybe inspire you to send that guy all your dough. Who knows. One thing’s for sure: New Age music (or soundwaves, or unproven “scientific” sonic principles, or whatever) rules! And so, from the people who brought you Getting Weird with New Age, here's, uh, Getting Weirder with New Age. Don’t miss the sound of fingernails tapping on a table for 15 minutes!

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