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Weird Napster: Latin's Weirdos

by Rachel Devitt

Weird Napster: Latin's Weirdos

About this playlist

Latin music’s more mainstream characters -- the industry’s glossy pop stars, its ferocious reggaetoneros, its sweet-talking bachateros, even its swaggering norteño cowboys -- get a lot of our (deserved) attention. But just like in any music industry, beneath the shiny veneer of that big-bucks, big-business, big-haired mainstream lurks an awesome underbelly of avant-garde iconoclasts, genre-bending freaks and all-around weirdos.

And that is what we’ve got for you here today, amigos: Acts like Nortec Collective, who’ve made a career out of twisting and knob-twiddling regional and folkloric sounds into something almost unrecognizable. Bands like Los Amigos Invisibles, comin' atcha through a time warp from another planet where disco is still king, but only when viewed through the looking glass of Colombian pop and dance music -- and a zany party hat. And of course, king of the strange birds, Plastilina Mosh, who’ve made a whole career out of putting on the most charming freak show you’ve ever heard. Listen in and raise that freak flag high!