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Weed Raps

by Mosi Reeves

Weed Raps

About this playlist

Okay y'all, it's time to hit the "Purple Swag" and get lost in the "Indo Smoke." This playlist is "Something for the Blunted," and if you aren't used to "Hydroplaning," don't worry: We'll teach you "How to Roll a Blunt." Even if you don't get "Weededed," you can still kick it in the "Greenhouse" and savor the aural smells of "Kush." So kick back, "Pack the Pipe," and indulge in "Many Clouds of Smoke." And if you get so "Roasted" that you freak out until "I Can't Wake Up," just relax, homie. "Git Up, Git Out," and get some fresh air before you "Light Another" and "Get Lifted." Just avoid that "Bammer Weed," 'cause we ain't "Smokin' That Sh*t" on the R-H-A-P. Just enjoy life, man, and be "Young, Wild & Free."

(NOTE: Playlist only valid in Colorado and Washington…)

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