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Valentine's Day Survival Guide

by Stephanie Benson

Valentine's Day Survival Guide

About this playlist

February 14 can be tough. Whether you're hopelessly in love, desperately seeking it or scorning every thought of it, Valentine's Day is often a downright daunting proposition. So, here we want to treat both the lovesick and lovelorn in the best possible way we know how -- through music. (That's a love we can't ever deny!) If you're looking to dial up the cheese factor via luscious-locked men, look no further than our Hair Metal Love Songs (nothing says romance like Poison!). Or if Fifty Shades of Grey is making you especially flushed, go straight to our alternate soundtrack (possibly even better than the real one). If you're looking for more traditional routes of aural seduction, however, we've got a sizzling tango playlist, a romantic jazz mix, and a cuddly collection of the most sublime soft rock ballads. For the more, um, bitter folks out there, we've got an angry Anti-Valentine's playlist and a mix of revengeful Regional Mexican burners. And there's much more lovin' and hatin' from there. Enjoy!

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