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#trendingJune: New Pop Rising

by Jason Gubbels

#trendingJune: New Pop Rising

About this playlist

Keeping up with new music just got a whole lot more interesting. In a reflection of how quickly the pop landscape is shifting, Billboard recently announced the arrival of two new music charts, both aligned with Twitter. The Trending 140 is a real-time chart updated by the minute, tracking how often a specific song is shared over the course of an hour against a specific formula of hourly average shares (we'll leave the math to Billboard). And the new Emerging Artists chart looks at similar high-volume song shares, but focuses strictly on artists who claim less than 50,000 followers on Twitter, thus leveling the playing field a bit for newcomers.

If it sounds like too much work to keep up with all this, rest assured Billboard is also offering weekly charts that rank Emerging and Trending songs over a much longer period of time. But the charts themselves are loads of fun to pore over, especially since the nature of Twitter means a multitude of voices can be heard. The result is a collection of pop that encompasses breakout rock, country, indie, hip-hop and pop artists -- the coolest jukebox of all-new material you're likely to find anywhere.

We can't claim to completely stay on top of something that updates every few minutes, but we can offer an overview of some of the acts and songs that have seen some serious action on the Trending 140 chart over the past week. Some of the names will be familiar (Psy and Enrique Iglesias), some less so (Katy Tiz and Watsky). And don't worry if you hear something that's not to your taste. It's Twitter: As they say with the weather in Denver, just wait a minute or two and something completely different will be coming your way.

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