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Artist Spotlight

Trace Adkins' Greatest Hits

by Nick Murray

Trace Adkins' Greatest Hits

About this playlist

Ignore the misdirection of "Hillbilly Bone" and "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk": Trace Adkins will always be a softie, loving love and reminding us to cherish every moment. He does the latter on a couple songs here -- none better than the lifetime-spanning "You're Gonna Miss This" -- and the former on just about all of the rest ("Every Light in the House" and "Million Dollar View," for instance, keep the flame burning well into middle age). Still, the guy's got a sense of humor, with tracks like "Hell, I Can Do That" taking the perspective of an overconfident channel-surfer and yes, the one about the badonkadonks, a popular oddity bringing drum loops and dated slanguage onto saloon jukeboxes everywhere. In honor of his new Love Will ..., perhaps Trace's most romantic record to date, we've compiled two hours of his biggest hits. Cherish them.