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Top 20 Indie Albums, May 2013

by Dan Weiss

Top 20 Indie Albums, May 2013


The last few months have been the most tremendous for indie in recent memory, boasting a prime-time-ready Deerhunter (check out the almost sexy "T.H.M."), an extra-quirky Yeah Yeah Yeahs (enlisting a gospel choir for "Sacrilege") and the much-hyped Savages, who play with the fury of Siouxsie Sioux and Gang of Four ("No Face" sounds like a beaker of acid being poured onto Thurston Moore). The Flaming Lips became unusually low-key for The Terror and its cavernous title tune, while Phoenix went off in a few different artsy directions for Bankrupt! (speaking of Siouxsie, the single "Entertainment" is keyed by a "Hong Kong Garden" intro). The undervalued Bettie Serveert's Oh, Mayhem! proves to be the long-running underdogs' finest (and hardest rocking) album ever -- throw on "D.I.Y." if you don't believe us. And make sure it's up loud. All these and more in this month's Top 20.

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