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Top 15 World Albums, Spring 2012

by Rachel Devitt

Top 15 World Albums, Spring 2012


You know those friends of yours who say they don't like world music? Well, this World Roundup is for them. It's a cliché, of course, but if there isn't something here for everyone, we'll eat our headphones. We start things off with the thick, weighty, Afro-funk- and dub-laced sophomore effort from Nigerian-German soul singer Nneka -- and things just get more diverse from there. There's indie-rock-fueled African pop and roots, flamenco filtered through Hindustani classical, circus-y psychedelic samba, centuries-old Persian classical styles played on a newly invented instrument, über-hip kuduro beats built of vintage Angolan samples. Oh yeah, and there's also this amazing, sprawling collection of rare cuts and beloved classics from the soundtrack to a new biodoc about some guy named Bob Marley. Dig in!