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Top 15 Hip-Hop Albums: August 2013

by Mosi Reeves

Top 15 Hip-Hop Albums: August 2013


Our semi-regular collection of new-ish rap kicks off with Jay Z's Magna Carta ... Holy Grail. Fans loved it, but critics mostly hated it, using the opportunity to dismiss a rapper they wish would go away. Too bad; it ain't gonna happen. Meanwhile, Big Sean's Hall of Fame hasn't yielded any hit singles yet, so it seems unlikely he'll duplicate the success of his Finally Famous debut. The jury's still out on Juicy J's Stay Trippy: It's packed with potential hit-generating cameos from Justin Timberlake, Wale, Chris Brown and more, but it could just as easily be ignored by everyone but hardcore rap fans. Earl Sweatshirt's Doris seems likely to suffer a similar fate, even though it's one of the best rap albums of the year so far. Other albums that rap nerds love include The Night's Gambit by New York rap enigma Ka, and the latest Kenny Dennis escapade from Chicago lyricist Serengeti.

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