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Top 12 Latin, Spring 2013

by Rachel Devitt

Top 12 Latin, Spring 2013


We're trying to avoid using a bunch of cheesy metaphors about spring and new beginnings and a lovely crop of new Latin albums popping up like tulips. We really are! But dang it, spring has sprung, and a bunch of lovely, exciting new Latin albums have cropped up like so many tulips!

And what a wonderfully diverse crop it is. This April, you get the fabulous CuCu Diamantes' live soundtrack to her concert film/romance movie Amor Cronico, sexy neo-tango from Bajofondo and sizzling electro-cumbia from Frikstailers. You also get the brand-spanking-new debut of Raul y Mexia, sons of Los Tigres del Norte bassist Herman Hernandez, collaborators with famed producer Toy Selectah (of Control Machete and 3BallMTY fame), and purveyors of a hot new sound they call "cumbia campechana." And you also get the brand-spanking-new rebirth of Draco Rosa, the former Menudo member-turned-vagabond poet of Latin alt, who celebrates surviving cancer and his new lease on life with a moving collection of duets with Latin music's greatest. Plus, new albums from favorites and legends from Intocable to Dyland y Lenny. There's not one whiff of stale old winter in the bunch, really.