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The Sad Side of Synth-Pop

by Jim Allen

The Sad Side of Synth-Pop

About this playlist

People tend to pigeonhole synth-pop as an exclusively peppy, perky, party-all-night sort of style, but for as long as electro-poppers have been monkeying with Moogs and dialing up drum-machine grooves, there's been a sad side to the sound. Whether it's the crying-on-the-inside nightlife lament of Soft Cell's "Bedsitter," the existential angst of Depeche Mode's misery-soaked milestone "Blasphemous Rumours" or the romantic disillusionment of Junior Boys' "So This Is Goodbye," there's never been any shortage of tear-stained tunes in the synth-pop canon. So from the earliest electronic adventurers to the most successful synth jockeys of today, here's a melancholy manual on how to make a machine cry.

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