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The Modern Goth Chick

by Stephanie Benson

The Modern Goth Chick

About this playlist

Goths, like vampires, are an eternal breed. They may not always be in vogue, but they never stop evolving. The Modern Goth Chick has a slightly New Age edge to her -- a very Stevie Nicks witchy-woman type of vibe. She's not so much black-lipped and aloof as lip-glossed and enigmatic, floating around in drape-y clothing, luring you in like a siren. She's modern in every sense of the word -- versed in the latest technology, weaving her ethereal sounds with synthesizer acrobatics and doing it all with aplomb.

Modern Goth Chick archetypes like Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine, Zola Jesus, Bat for Lashes and Fever Ray are not necessarily concerned so much with darkness and death, but they're certainly deep creatures. They brood as much as they inspire, and romance and drama are never mutually exclusive in their worlds. They're the kind of woman who will haunt your dreams -- and you can't help but like it.