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The Evolution of Miley Cyrus

by Rachel Devitt

The Evolution of Miley Cyrus

About this playlist

Once upon a time, there was a famous young girl named Miley Cyrus (who, by the way, was the Hope of her daddy's achy-breaky heart) who could act a little and sing a little more. Naturally, Disney scooped her right up and made her the star of a show about a famous young girl named Hannah Montana who could sing a little and act like she wasn't famous (a little). Like a good Disney star, Miley released a couple of albums that blurred the lines between Hannah and Miley. Then that little girl grew up, which is always a Bad Idea for famous young Disney stars. But she did, and she wanted to become an All Grown Up Pop Star. So first, she staged a Breakout. Then she informed us that she Can't Be Tamed. But we still didn't quite believe that she was All Grown Up. So she stuck out her tongue, got to twerk and hit us with some Bangerz. And the world freaked the frack out. This is not the story of that freakout. There is no Sinead, no Robin, no Hemsworth in this story. This is not a story for dissecting or debating or even thinking too hard about. It's just the simple audio history of a famous young girl's evolution from Hannah to Miley. Don't think. Just listen.

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