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Artist Spotlight

The Dillinger Escape Plan Bring the Noise

by Jason Gubbels

The Dillinger Escape Plan Bring the Noise


About this playlist

Mathcore, grind-tech, progressive metalcore, even math-metal -- what ever did The Dillinger Escape Plan do to deserve such linguistic contortions? What they undeniably are is extreme, a fiery blend of hardcore, death metal, alt/grunge and jazz, plus dashes of electronica and pure noise, with enough in the way of hooks and choruses to appeal to those who enjoy a little melody with their aggro. They emerged in 1997 as an explosive trio (consult early EP Under the Running Board for evidence of their take-no-prisoners approach) and in 1998 released the full-length Calculating Infinity, which set new standards for their brand of metal: impressively heavy and technically complex, filled with mosh-pit screams courtesy of vocalist Dimitri Minakakis.

Team Dimitri still laments the original vocalist's departure shortly thereafter, although Mike Patton (of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle fame) memorably stepped in for stopgap EP Irony Is a Dead Scene. And longtime fan Greg Puciato soon joined the lineup for 2004's Miss Machine, maintaining the hard-edged screamfest vibe of old with a surprising willingness to sing, even (gasp) croon.

Only true metal fiends will hear much in the way of crooning on the attached career-spanning playlist, although amid the chaos of "The Mullet Burden" and the theatrics of "When Good Dogs Do Bad Things," tunes like "Black Bubblegum," "Milk Lizard" and "One of Us Is the Killer" sound positively pop. And check out the band's unexpectedly straight take on classics by Billy Idol ("Rebel Yell") and Guns N' Roses ("My Michelle") as proof they don't mind the pleasures of songcraft. Just don't forget the earplugs.