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The Best of Homeboy Sandman

by Dan Weiss

The Best of Homeboy Sandman

About this playlist

Rhyming "impresario" with "hi-ho the derri-o" and answering "not really" when asked if semi-fame changed him, New York's Homeboy Sandman is almost single-handedly keeping an out-of-vogue flame alive. The emcee makes it purely on skill; he's the Scribble Jam overachiever type but with an actually likable personality and a gorgeous taste in beats, without a wasted second on 2012's instant classic Subject: Matter. Hardly a newcomer, with a sizable catalog of albums and EPs, he recently released the well-acclaimed Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent EP, named after one of hip-hop's godfathers. But his catalog is rich with detailed peaks, particularly the sexalicious "Unforgettable" ("the way you dug your face in my armpit"), the pulse-pounding challenge "Not Pop" ("I get it poppin' but it's not pop") and the kindly Salvation Army narrative "Canned Goods" ("she wanted to do her part to help them progress"). He's one of the most grounded personalities in the genre ever, and one of the juiciest rhymers.

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