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Artist Spotlight

The Best of Gretchen Wilson

by Nick Murray

The Best of Gretchen Wilson

About this playlist

When Gretchen Wilson arrived in Nashville after years of singing in bar bands around Missouri and Illinois, she was an anomaly, an old-fashioned, hard-rockin' outlaw in the era of Faith Hill's Cry, Rascal Flatts' Melt and Shania Twain's Up!. After meeting John Rich (a collaborator on all but her latest albums) and joining his MuzikMafia collective of artists and self-described outsiders, her "Redneck Woman" and its subsequent 2004 album, Here for the Party, both went to No. 1, introducing Wilson's rough, "politically uncorrect" attitude to a new generation of country listeners and performers, both male and female. Although she has never again reached the commercial heights of that debut, Wilson continues to release solid solo albums, all of which contain at least a couple tracks worth returning to. Our playlist compiles the best of the best.

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