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The Best Deluxe Edition Bonus Cuts

by Dan Weiss

The Best Deluxe Edition Bonus Cuts

About this playlist

We're in an admittedly strange era for marketing music, where albums are released and re-released, including new tracks, a second disc, even entirely new singles, sometimes ones that end up eclipsing the entire already-released album's previous commercial impact (hello "Super Bass"!). Singles like Rihanna's excellent "Disturbia" and Deftones' "Back to School" were highlights (probably "calculated," whatever) appended to albums later that ended up improving them. And as with Nelly's "Hey Porsche" and Kendrick Lamar's "The Recipe," sometimes an album's first single is now only included in deluxe versions of an album. This gets sad when you consider a world where not all of the people who purchased Beyonce's [4] have heard the incredible "Schoolin' Life," and it should be a crime that anyone interested in The Cardigans long enough to have grabbed 2005's Super Extra Gravity may have missed out on the earth-shattering "Give Me Your Eyes," which might actually be the greatest song they've ever made. So this playlist is an attempt to play catch-up on the best bonus tracks from albums whose deluxe expanded editions were actually worth the extra padding.

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