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The Beatles Gone Solo

by Justin Farrar

The Beatles Gone Solo

About this playlist

Our playlist boasts the biggest and finest solo hits from John, Paul, George and Ringo. After parting ways, each one of the Fab Four went on to enjoy commercial success over the years. Lennon became renowned for a string of hits that veered between brutal honesty (“Mother,” “Cold Turkey”) and earnest utopianism (“Imagine, “Give Peace a Chance”). George made the leap from quiet Beatle to spiritual Beatle thanks to prayer-like pop anthems like “My Sweet Lord” and “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth).” Paul turned into a hit factory specializing in absurdly delicious (and oftentimes oddly structured) bubblegum: “Band on the Run,” “Silly Love Songs” and, of course, the infectious “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey.” And hey, let’s not forget Ringo. If you’ve never listened to his 1973 masterpiece Ringo, then do it now. It contains one gem after another, including “It Don’t Come Easy” and “Oh My My.” Hit play to hear why all of these solo tracks rank up there with the best of The Beatles.

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