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The 20 Greatest Rockers Snubbed by the Rock Hall

The 20 Greatest Rockers Snubbed by the Rock Hall


About this playlist

First off, there are those who question the very existence of a hall of fame and museum dedicated to rock 'n' roll, arguing that it goes against the anti-establishment fervor and rebellion the music stands for. I disagree. In the second half of the 20th century, rock 'n' roll created some of humanity's most vital and inspired culture, influencing everything -- on a mass/global scale, mind you -- from politics to sexuality. This history is important to archive and document.

That said, I have massive issues with the Rock Hall's induction process. Though the specifics remain a mystery to me (as well as to the overwhelming majority of fans out there), something is most obviously un-kosher when such icons as Rush, Deep Purple, the 13th Floor Elevators, Cheap Trick and Captain Beefheart have yet to be inducted, long after their "eligibility" has kicked in.

I harbor a slew of theories as to why that gleaming white temple -- looming out in Cleveland, on the shores of Lake Erie -- hasn't opened its doors to these groups and artists. Someday I will unload them in fine detail. (Hint: most of them revolve around Rolling Stone publisher and Hall founder Jann Wenner, whose personal aesthetics and political agenda appear to play a pivotal role in the induction process.) For now, let me say this: progressive rock, heavy metal and bubblegum -- three genres I hold near and dear to my heart -- are totally getting the shaft. And it blows!

If you're a malcontent like me, then definitely check out my 20 Greatest Rockers Snubbed by the Rock Hall playlist.

Apologies to Motörhead, Small Faces, Mitch Ryder (& The Detroit Wheels), Can, James Gang, Spirit and so, so many more. I will include you in my next playlist. If you want to write the Rock Hall and demand some justice, go here. Special thanks to the Future Rock Legends website for all its awesome research.