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Technoir: French Techno

by Philip Sherburne

Technoir: French Techno

About this playlist

French dance music isn't all glitter and neon. A world away from Daft Punk's luminous filtered house and Justice's prog-rocking electro-pogo, a darker, more gothic strain of techno has long bubbled beneath the surface of the country's discotheques. It comes to the fore with Gesaffelstein's Aleph, a love letter to techno at its most penumbral, with nods to the robotic menace of EBM, the raw energy of electro and even the soundtrack work of John Carpenter. Get acquainted with Gesaffelstein's compelling breed of evil with a playlist featuring 20 years of shadow-dwelling French techno, including Laurent Garnier, The Hacker, Black Strobe, Crackboy and more.

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