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Senior Year

Senior Year, 1980: Boots, Blouses and Belt Buckles

by Linda Ryan

Senior Year, 1980: Boots, Blouses and Belt Buckles

About this playlist

Back in 1980, you saw Urban Cowboy in the theater and it changed your life. You bought the boots. And a hat. Months later, The Dukes of Hazzard debuted on television, and you subsequently tuned in religiously each week. Let's be honest: you tried to do that Bo Duke slide about a thousand times and still couldn't git 'er done, right? Travolta's Bud may not have resonated with the high school crowd the way that Bo and Luke did, but the trendy fashions of the day yielded the same results: boots, prairie blouses/dresses, big ol' belt buckles and the infamous Daisy Duke shorts and tied shirts, of course.

If you were a senior-year cowboy (or a wannabe) in 1980, you probably sat outside in the sunshine, near the jocks playing football -- but not too close. And chances are you made a mixtape that sounded something like this.