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Suzi Quatro

by Mike McGuirk

Suzi Quatro

About this playlist

One of the most important female rock figures ever, Suzi Quatro started playing in a band when she was just 15, performing with her sisters in the all-girl garage rock group Pleasure Seekers. Their first single, "What a Way to Die," about preferring beer to your boyfriend, is a truly jaw-dropping '60s gem with charging guitars and incredible lyrics. From there, Quatro basically invented the leather-clad rocker chick persona Joan Jett and Chrissie Hynde rode to fame, albeit overseas, where she was a megastar. Check the proto-punk/glam rockers from her self-titled 1973 debut in the playlist below. Also included are that amazing Pleasure Seekers song and her lone U.S. hit, "Stumblin' In," a lite rock duet with Larry Norman (whoever that is) that rules.