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Summer BBQ Songs

by Dan Weiss

Summer BBQ Songs

About this playlist

One of the best things about summer is the food, so inevitably there are a great number of songs about it. Gucci Mane endorses the refreshing cool of "Lemonade," while Richard and Linda Thompson's "Hokey Pokey" extols the perfect-flavored ice cream and Raekwon uses the frozen treat as a reference point to compare honeys. Esoteric rapper Serengeti's character Kenny Dennis loves the title actor in "Dennehy," as well as quaffing orange pop and grilling Swanson's chicken and "onions, onions, onions, onions," while Zac Brown prefers his "Chicken Fried." One of the reasons blink-182 loved their collective girlfriend in "Josie" is because she brought them "Mexican food from Sombrero's." But Kelis knows summer food like few others, from her famous "Milkshake" to this year's "Jerk Ribs." And don't forget about Lou Reed, who loved a delicious NYC "Egg Cream" so much that he dedicated the first five minutes of his 1996 album to them.

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