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Dum Dum Girls,"Coming Down": Stripped Down (Live)

by Napster TV

Dum Dum Girls, Dum Dum Girls,"Coming Down": Stripped Down (Live)

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This is No. 3 in our Top 30 Video Countdown, in which we highlight Napster's best exclusive videos of all time.

Here, we look back at our trip to the Pacific Northwest's four-day bacchanal known as Sasquatch, where we sponsored a cantina, gave away tons of free stuff, and let our cameras roll. Thus we present Stripped Down in a Yurt -- that's right, a yurt, a teepee-like structure just off the festival grounds where we spirited performers to play acoustic versions of their sweet, sweet jams. This installment features warm-fuzzy pop rockers the Dum Dum Girls doing a decidedly warm but markedly less fuzzy version of "Coming Down." Also check out their other yurt performance of "Mine Tonight."