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Liner Notes

Steve Albini, Über-Producer

by Dan Weiss

Steve Albini, Über-Producer


About this playlist

Many have argued as peevishly as Steve Albini over severe principles (calling Sonic Youth sellouts??), but few have the discography to back it up. The acerbic Chicago producer helped make Nirvana, P.J. Harvey, the Pixies, The Breeders, Jawbreaker and countless others what they are; that is, he helped make alternative rock what it is. Often uncredited, the famously hands-off producer has helmed so many undiscovered masterpieces it's impossible to keep track -- wait until the next generation realizes Gogol Bordello's Gypsy Punks was our Rum, Sodomy and the Lash. Even if Albini claims he's not doing anything but setting the bands up and bringing them to life on record, he must be doing something right to still be churning out new rock heroes after all these years, as recently as rightfully worshiped salvos by Screaming Females and Cloud Nothings. Here's a quick sampler of the best stuff he's helped bring into the world.