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Songs of Undependability

by Dan Weiss

Songs of Undependability

About this playlist

Rock 'n' roll is the greatest medium to express total disregard for others. Or as Let's Wrestle put it in their catchiest song: "I was gonna help out/ I forgot." Sometimes this is the result of emotional devastation, like in Schoolboy Q's Portishead-sampling "Prescription/Oxymoron," where he screens calls from his own daughter while waiting for his dealer to ring. Other times it's Eminem trying to figure out how to save a girl who overdosed on his shrooms ("My Fault"), Blink-182's ADD foiling their sexcapades ("What's My Age Again?") or Tyler, the Creator proclaiming he's not a role model to his therapist, who bellows back "I know this" ("Goblin"). From Nirvana's lack of utility to LL Cool J's three-timing and Afroman's covert drug PSA warning, here's a bunch of songs you just shouldn't trust.

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