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Songs Named "Fuck You"

by Rob Harvilla

Songs Named "Fuck You"

About this playlist

CeeLo's "F*ck You" was an instant viral sensation upon release in the summer of 2010, triggering an avalanche of critical plaudits and exuberant cover versions (yes, we see you, Gwyneth). But it was hardly the first track to employ what you might call The Ultimate Song Title. No, a steady stream of rappers, tart-mouthed pop princesses, grunge grousers and (especially!) surly punk bands had already made their own contributions to the "F*ck You" canon. Here, an obviously and severely NSFW primer -- look out for Methods of Mayhem's " Proposition F*ck You," starring none other than Tommy Lee in rap-rock mode, espousing a political philosophy we can all get behind. Crank it up, or play it very quietly and discreetly.