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Songs for (April) Fool's Day

by Linda Ryan

Songs for (April) Fool's Day

About this playlist

Encasing office supplies in Jell-O. Slicking down toilet seats with Vaseline. Mayonnaise-filled donuts. Toothpaste-filled Oreos. Adding colorful dye to milk in cartons. Changing the language setting on someone's phone or office computer. The list of classic April Fool's Day pranks is a long and varied one -- and has become increasingly high tech over the years. Either you love this day, or you dread it.

So to mark the occasion, we made this playlist, which is particularly helpful if you simply want to put on some headphones and wish yourself invisible. We included songs about fools ("Fool to Cry," "What a Fool Believes"), jokers ("The Joker," "I Started a Joke") and pranksters ("That's a Lie," "You're Putting Me On") to put you in the mood. We also included some of the wackiest songs ever to hit the Billboard Top 40 charts. So hit play and crack a smile, because it's that kind of day.

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