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Director Spotlight

Sofia Coppola Soundtracks

by Nick Murray

Sofia Coppola Soundtracks


About this playlist

In the movies of Sofia Coppola, pop is almost as important as plot, and when you think back on her films, it's impossible to separate the action from the sublime musical moments -- the reverberating Jesus and Mary Chain drum beat that relieves the tension at the end of Lost in Translation, the Gang of Four and Bow Wow Wow that fit into the anachronistic world of Marie Antoinette, and, most recently, the high school heroes of The Bling Ring rapping along to Kanye and Rick Ross. This isn't all that surprising -- Coppola, after all, is the granddaughter of an Oscar-winning composer, the wife of Phoenix's Thomas Mars and perhaps most importantly, a child of this culture-saturated age -- but it's noteworthy nonetheless.

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