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Snarky Pop Stars

by Dan Weiss

Snarky Pop Stars

About this playlist

Great pop is, among other things, a satirical medium. So stars as disparate as Pink ("Stupid Girls") and Lily Allen ("Hard Out Here") warn of the dangers of shaking one's ass without a brain at the other end, while anti-pop phenom Sky Ferreira opened her proper debut with "Boys" ("They're a dime a dozen"). These are legitimate feminist critiques couched in oh-brother humor -- not that Allen always had such a heart (see her signature "Smile"). Meanwhile, Miranda Lambert examines the flipside of "Boys" by trying to sort out all her dumb prospects ("I don't think I have any more room underneath my thumb"). But even snarkier are classic brags from Eminem (on "My Name Is" he threatens to stick nine-inch nails through your eyelids), The Darkness' evangelical "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" undermined by singer Justin Hawkins' helium yodels, and Electric Six's own valentine, "She's White." And, of course, there's Kesha, who "just can't date a dude with a vag" ("Grow a Pear") and wants to party at some other rich person's house ("Party at a Rich Dude's House").

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