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Senior Year

Senior Year, 2002: Electroclash Raverz

by Stephanie Benson

Senior Year, 2002: Electroclash Raverz

About this playlist

You want to dance. Wait, you need to dance -- like, all the time (and not at that dopey club that plays Top 40 mashups). You own tubs of glitter. You do designer drugs. You worship the '80s. You talk with nothing but irony and innuendo. You mock those who claim raves were so last decade. This is the life of the electroclash raver, circa 2002, when there was even an Electroclash Festival, for cryin' out loud.

This curious party creature bows to the god of hedonism and runs on cold, retro-futuristic beats, humor so dry it chaps your lips (hence all the lipgloss), and a whole lot of sleaze; there's maybe even a bit of punk politics to add to the raging fire. The girlz totally ruled the scene, too, from "F*ck the Pain Away" Peaches to goth chicks Ladytron to Euro-raver Miss Kittin. Still, Felix Da Housecat and Fischerspooner made sure the boyz didn't feel left out of all the sexy fun. So get your party chaps on, because it's time to pop some pills and get down and dirty.