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Rockers Covering Country

by Jim Allen

Rockers Covering Country


About this playlist

Every rocker who has ever existed owes a debt to country music. After all, country was a key element of the original formula that added up to rock 'n' roll. Don't forget: The legendary B-side of Elvis Presley's first single was a revved-up reworking of Bill Monroe's bluegrass ballad "Blue Moon of Kentucky," and that's just the tip of the iceberg. So it should be no great shock to realize that rockers have never stopped covering country classics. And we're not just talking about roots rockers here, though you'll find plenty of those (John Fogerty, Neil Young, Keith Richards) in this concatenation of country tunes given a rock reboot. Over time, everyone from New Wave icons (Elvis Costello) to hardcore punks (Dead Kennedys) to death metallists (Children of Bodom) has taken a twanging turn.

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