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Road Trip Anthems

by Rachel Devitt

Road Trip Anthems


About this playlist

Nothing says summer like hopping in the car, filling up the tank and hitting the highway (or, even better, a back road). (OK, sometimes those idyllic, wanderin', wayfarin' adventures end up looking more like us in a minivan trying to lull screaming kids with videos so we can enjoy the open road in peace while we trek and trudge our way to some family-friendly destination.) But no matter your road trip scenario, there's something poetic about those moments where you look out the windshield and all you see is miles and miles of asphalt heading ... somewhere. And whether you're stuffing the kids full of Pirate Booty and Pixar movies or meandering your way through an epic Americana adventure, you've got to have a killer road trip soundtrack. We got you covered, fellow traveler. When you head out this summer, make sure you bring this playlist of rambling anthems, from "Born to Be Wild" to "Low Rider," Florida Georgia Line's hit "Cruise" to classic cruiser anthems like "On the Road Again." Hit the road, Jack! (And yes, that's on there, too.)