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Washed Out, Zola Jesus Headline Napster Rocks Austin 2012

by Napster

Washed Out, Zola Jesus Headline Napster Rocks Austin 2012


About this playlist

You've probably never heard of Austin, Texas' tiny, modest, barely publicized annual music festival, South by Southwest, wherein, like, two billion bands hit town for a five-day orgy of showcases, raucous day parties, shocking surprise appearances, wanton BBQ overconsumption and so forth. It's awesome -- basically Christmas for music lovers. This year it runs March 13-18; you should totally go, for all sorts of reasons, but mainly because Napster will be throwing its own blowout fete.

Yes, please clear room in your schedule for Napster Rocks Austin, going down Friday March 16, from noon to 6 p.m at the fabulous Club De Ville. It's free, for one thing, with complimentary drinks and other possible swag available. Also, the lineup is super rad. To wit:

Washed Out: Oceanic, profoundly romantic chillwave jams with surprising muscle, full of great atmospheres that never forget to also be actual songs. Within and Without was one of the best albums of 2011, whatever genre or emotional state you prefer.

Zola Jesus: Nika Roza Danilova is a booming-voiced Goth-pop diva with a commanding, must-be-seen-to-be-believed stage presence, nicely triangulating the "former opera student" and " Fader cover star" communities. She will probably wear something incredible.

Caveman: Paradoxically sophisticated indie-rock upstarts favoring psychedelic multi-guitar workouts and sunny, Beach Boys/Animal Collective-style vocal harmonies. Last year's Coco Beware remains a major Napster office favorite.

Tanlines: A fresh Brooklyn experimental-pop duo boldly teaching the indie kids to dance again. "New Flowers," one of their early singles, is the sound of young, attractive people unironically doing the limbo.

Gauntlet Hair: Another, bizarrely named experimental-pop duo whose 2011 self-titled debut turns copious reverb into pure ecstasy.

Plus we've got a DJ set from genre-leaping Gang Gang Dance luminary Lza Blyza, and lots of other fun stuff. You can RSVP right here. Looking forward to seeing you.

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