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Napster Radar: MS MR

by Dan Weiss

Napster Radar: MS MR

About This Album

As arena-alternative duos go, MS MR picked a name as clever and succinct as U2. It's pronounced Miss Mister to hearken back perfectly to synth-pop's androgynous roots, and because they're shrewd: here's a guy and a girl, and here's the music. While reverb-enhanced female vocals aren't in short supply right now, few have Lizzy Plapinger's sass (at times she sounds like she could knock KT Tunstall circa ["Black Horse and the Cherry Tree"] off the saddle) or producer Max Hershenow's ductile atmospherics ("Salty Sweet" has an apt title for its creeping pizzicato-plucked reggaeton setting). Their full-length debut, Secondhand Rapture, contains plenty of multilayered songs, such as "Ash Tree Lane", that overdub Plapinger onto an army of Dead Can Dance-style harmonies amid thundering drums and blasts of horn and other decor that unfurls like smoke in the mix. Sounds grandiose for a vocal-producer duo, no? They're just getting started.

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