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Napster Radar: Kreayshawn (Video)

by Napster TV

Napster Radar: Kreayshawn (Video) Napster Radar: Kreayshawn (Video)

About this video

Welcome to Napster Radar, our month-long series highlighting 24 artists we're particularly thrilled about, from soul iconoclasts to fledgling Latin-pop superstars, from roots-rock titans to hip dance-punkers. We'll be highlighting six new names a week, with tons of videos, playlists and additional ephemera to boot. Today, we've got an exclusive interview with Oakland-to-L.A. swag-rap sensation Kreayshawn, whose YouTube-enabled hipster-fashion anthem "Gucci Gucci" is one of 2011's biggest (and weirdest) hits. Here, she talks about her critics/haters, what she'd do if Gucci offered her free clothes, and the weirdness of Bay Area rap; to get a better idea of that weirdness, check out our Bay Area Hip-Hop: 101 Bangers playlist.