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Napster Radar: Daughter

by Dan Weiss

Napster Radar: Daughter

About This Album

The poignant dream pop of London's Daughter falls somewhere between Memoryhouse and Asobi Seksu. Lead vocalist Elena Tonra's torchy, soothing voice is a dead ringer for Beth Orton, whose backing music was never as memorable as the star. Daughter, on the other hand, are a full band, with guitarist Igor Haefeli providing spare, one-note guitar echoes à la the xx, while the cavernous beat of percussionist Remi Aguilella gives the whole project the heft of an out-of-cabin Bon Iver. Tonra always sings with arresting clarity, giving tunes like "Smother" an angelic, crystalline winter air that fits right in with the mystic history of their label, 4AD. This year's If You Leave is as haunting as anything in recent memory -- its production is so large yet so intimate that you can almost feel Tonra's breath on the back of your neck.

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