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Pop's Top 10, March 2012

by Rachel Devitt

Pop's Top 10, March 2012


Sometimes the pop landscape this time of year mirrors the actual landscape: bleak. Dull. Cold. Empty. And, well, this year isn't really much of an exception. But smart pop fans are adaptable and omnivorous, aren't we? So we've responded to the delays and the dearth and the disappointment the way pop fans always do: by broadening our horizons and expanding our listening habits to include K-pop girl groups and Internet ingénues, beachy Hawaiian songstresses and a whole lot of indie pop. (Filling the niche carved out by Foster the People, both fun. and Gotye are charting high.) Fallow season? What fallow season?! We're ready to dance, and think, and party with this winter's Top 10 albums.